Peppers are traditionally deep fried in olive oil, warmed initially with a soft temperature. Before, peppers must be washed and dried up with a piece of cloth to remove any dirt. Finally, they are seasoned with coarse salt.


A frequently asked question is whether to fry them with or without the penducle (stem). The answer is: at the beginning of the season, better without; the penducle is a herb and brings a light herbaceous flavour to the pepper. If peppers are to be eaten with other dishes and a fork, then without penducle as well. If they are to be eaten as tapas and with hand, then the penducle can be left and we will save the time to cut it out.


Currently, there are more ways to cook peppers, such as a filling for pies; together with meat in brochettes; fried with tempura, in cheese tapas; as garnish for meet and fish, etc.










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